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Thailand Company Lists


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Company Category
Ǵ ªͺѷAgriculture
Ǵ ªͺѷAutomobiles and Equipment
Ǵ ªͺѷBank Insurance Fund
Ǵ ªͺѷChemicals, Plastics and Rubber
Ǵ ªͺѷComputer Electronics
Ǵ ªͺѷConstruction and Interior
Ǵ ªͺѷEnergy
Ǵ ªͺѷEntertainment and Sport
Ǵ ªͺѷFood and Drink
Ǵ ªͺѷGems and jewelry
Ǵ ªͺѷHotels and Restaurants
Ǵ ªͺѷHousehold appliances
Ǵ ªͺѷMedicine
Ǵ ªͺѷMetal
Ǵ ªͺѷMine
Ǵ ªͺѷOther
Ǵ ªͺѷPublishing, Printing and Advertising
Ǵ ªͺѷReal Estate
Ǵ ªͺѷService Business
Ǵ ªͺѷTelecommunications
Ǵ ªͺѷTextiles and Clothing
Ǵ ªͺѷTissue
Ǵ ªͺѷTools and Machinery
Ǵ ªͺѷTrading and Wholesale
Ǵ ªͺѷTransportation and warehousing

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